Sunday, 25 November 2007

Chapter 11

Now before he made any further contact with Corrine Jimmy had a few loose ends to tie up. First was Karen, she had said that she’d enjoyed their date which Jimmy had found it hard to believe but she obviously had as she had emailed him asking if he would like to come round to hers on Sunday for dinner. Instead of writing back saying he would rather have his teeth pulled with no anaesthetic and he wasn’t going anywhere near a Sunday dinner for ages if he could help it. He wrote back saying he had a lovely time but he didn’t think they were really compatible, hoped she had better luck in the future but he wouldn’t be seeing her again.
Next was Angie, he had never thought he would hear from her again but she had emailed him. She was a cheeky fucking bitch! She only wanted to know, as he had taken an interest in the £500 rugs, would he like to try and sell them for her. She would pay him a hansom commission! Jimmy had to hold back when he replied to her as well. Instead of the, fuck off psycho, he wanted to write her he just politely declined.
Thirdly came Lynne, she had been on her holidays and was now back trying to pick up where she had left off. Jimmy wasn’t sure if maybe he should try and pursue her as they got on well but with the last three dates still playing on his mind decided not to. He emailed her, told her he had a change of heart while she was away and was going to carry on as a single man and concentrate on his boys. She seemed happy with that.
Finally came Jo, they had no intention of meeting up so Jimmy intended on still chatting to her, but that wasn’t to be. He thought she had a wicked sense of humour but had obviously been well off the mark and one throw away comment had ended their relationship. She had been telling him how he was different to all the other guys she talked to, all they wanted to do was to get into her knickers! He replied saying he would love to get into her knickers but didn’t think they would fit! He never heard from her again.
Jimmy had mixed feelings about his current situation, a month ago he had been talking to five women having fun and now he had whittled them down to none! He wished he could have taken the relationship to another level with at least one of the ladies but it wasn’t to be, karma! He wasn’t sure he knew what karma was and if he did whether he’d believe in it, but something had to take the blame. Anyway he was now moving on to another challenge, onward and upward!
Jimmy re-read Corrine’s profile and the email she had sent him. It appeared she lived in a small town in Virginia near the North Carolina border called Axton. This was in Henry County halfway between Danville and Martinsville (they seemed keen on naming places after men) and close to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Now Steve, until recently, didn’t know much about the Blue Ridge Mountains apart from the Laurel and Hardy song of the same name but by some strange coincidence he had just read Bill Bryson’s “A walk in the woods” where Mr. Bryson and a friend endeavour to hike the length of the Appalachian Trail. This being the longest continuous footpath in the world stretching along the East Coast of the United States from Georgia to Maine part of which takes in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Jimmy felt like he had an affinity to the place already and this was obviously good karma!
Corrine had also mentioned that if Jimmy knew anything about NASCAR he would be aware of the nearby town of Martinsville. Jimmy knew nothing about NASCAR apart from the fact it was an American motor sport. Apparently, if his knowledge of the sport was more extensive he would have know that Martinsville was the home of NASCAR’s smallest track and twice a year the racing fraternity took over the small town. This was important to the economy as the area had been big in furniture making and was now in a downturn.
He went online and printed a map of the local area as his old atlas only showed major cities and then he looked at the NASCAR site and pictures of the Martinsville track. He didn’t need to do all this research but thought he would like some insight before he started chatting to her. Another thing he did was to find out about the time difference, Virginia was on East Coast Time and that was five hours behind him in England.
Corrine apparently, was a mother of two who worked fulltime as a secretary for one of the local furniture factories which had managed to keep its head above the water as others around it had sunk without trace. She was born and raised in Henry County and all her family lived close by. She shared her house with a number of animals including dogs, cats, rabbits and a grouchy parrot. She had previously had an English pen pal of whom she had lost touch and was keen to make new friends. She liked the picture Jimmy had sent her and hoped he would email her again soon. Jimmy sat down in front of the computer and started typing a reply. He wasn’t really sure where to begin, and after a couple of false starts, he decided he would wait until the weekend before replying. This would give him a few days to work out what he wanted to say. He did write a short note though thanking her for the email and saying that everything was hectic at his end at the moment and he would write back soon.

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her indoors said...

poor Jimmy back to none, hope he finds the right one soon, i got someone in mind for him LOL

DJ Kirkby said...

Sounds promising! Why is her parrot groughy? How can she tell?

Chopski said...

HI; I'll put him in touch!!

DJ; I don't know why, but you try putting your finger in the cage!!

toby said...

So, he's dismissed the no-hopers, the humourless and the harmless psycho. Instead, he's opted for the Virginia bloodfest!


Chopski said...

T; Oops indead!