Monday, 19 November 2007

Chapter 10

He couldn’t do it this weekend, the boys were over and he needed to spend some time with them. So on Saturday after work, as the weather was nice, they helped him in the garden cutting the grass and pulling weeds then at tea time they fired up the barbeque and had burgers al fresco. After they had eaten they went inside and watched a movie, Happy Gilmore, they had watched it many times before but they loved the movie and golf was rapidly becoming their new passion. The next morning they got up late and had a huge fried breakfast to set them up for the rest of the day, and then head out to the local golf course. They weren’t good at golf, they were awful in fact, but as they took twice as many shots to get around the course than everybody else it seemed like they got their monies worth! After golf they took a drive down to the seafront and had an ice cream on the beach and threw stones into the water until it was time to drop the boys back to their mums.
On his way home Jimmy thought he would spend a couple of hours on the computer looking for ladies living abroad. When he got in, while the computer fired up, he made a pot of tea and a sandwich then settled himself down in front of the screen.
“Here we go again!”
The website Jimmy had been using to meet ladies in England was an international site and he logged on to that. While there he realised he could reactivate his profile which he did, then scrolled through the list of countries that were covered on the site. It seemed most countries were covered but he obviously needed to find ones where they spoke English. This would rule out most, if not all of Europe and it appeared, the United States of America, where most of the ladies seemed to speak Spanish!
Jimmy thought he would start in Asia as he was sure they would speak English and he was right most of them did. It made him quite embarrassed to think all these ladies were at least bi-lingual and all he could do was order two Beers in Spanish and say fuck off in French. He wasn’t impressed with the Asian ladies on two counts. Firstly a lot of them seemed to be looking for someone to take them away from their country and “marriage” came up quite a lot and secondly he didn’t find them attractive. Now he wasn’t sure at first if it mattered or not what they looked like as he was only going to be emailing them. Then after not much deliberation he decided it did! Jimmy was now convincing himself that he wasn’t shallow and it was important, even though the relationship would be conducted via electronic transfer, that he was physically and mentally attracted to prospective ladies.
Next he looked at the Antipodes as he guessed “they would look like English girls with a tan!” and on the whole he was right. There were lots who he thought fit the bill but as he was in no hurry he tried to find ones who would be interested to chat to guys overseas. There certainly weren’t an abundance of these or if there was they hadn’t deemed it prudent to tell anyone. In the end he chose four, two from New Zealand and two Australians one of which was covered in tattoos and body piercings. Although this held no physical attraction to him whatsoever he was sure she’d be very interesting to talk to. Jimmy wrote emails of similar content to all four of them. He told them a bit about his situation and that he was keen to make new friends from all over the world attached his usual photo and said he’d love to hear from them.
He then decided to give America another go. The country, being so large was split up by states and he dug out an atlas to see where they were on the map. He had been to America once before on a family holiday to Florida and he knew where that was. This is where he’d started his search and found a proliferation of Hispanic women. The further north he went the less Spanish speakers or so it seemed. He was now as far north as Virginia and thought this was a good a place as any to look.
He got through a couple of pages then came across a profile that caught his eye. A forty three year old mother of two, who was looking to make new friends and more importantly new friends from other countries. He wrote to her with a similar email as he had sent to the Antipodeans and enclosed the ever present photo, then called it a night.
When he got in from work the next day and checked his emails there was nothing from New Zealand or Australia but there was one from The States, Virginia to be exact. He had an email from Corrine.

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Lady in red said...

have seen Happy gilmour so many boys have the dvd

DJ Kirkby said...

Lol, I love that he chose someone covered in Tatts and piercings just 'cos she must be interesting to talk to! Was she?

toby said...

Blimey, this is a bit of a minefield! Or is it more like hunting a needle in a haystack?

Fun way to brush up on geography.

her indoors said...

could also be a fun way to get some free holidays lol